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Chief Executive Officer,
Zpp Khammam

Zpp Staff


1 ESTABLISHMENT Superintendent : Sri T. MALLAIAH 9440906935
2 K. SAMBASIVA REDDY SA A1  Establishment of MPDOs & Superintendents 9553404698
3 N.RAVINDER SA A2 Establishment of Sr.Asst., Compassionate Appointments (ZPP & District Pool), Cadre strength, Attendance Registers & Run on Notes, Salary Note, Office Orders. 9676210136
4 D.UDYA SREE SA A3  Establishment of Jr.Assts, Typists & RA's,LA's   9550512203
5 N.CH.LAXMANA CHARY JA A4 Establishment of Drivers, Office Subordinates, Watchmens, Part time Sweepers and TrainingS, DPMU, DTMs and Govt. Festivals, Best Performance Awards and E-Governance 8885217824
6 T.CHIMPAL RAJU JA CC to CEO CC to CEO, CEO's Review Meetings, Video conferencs, Fax (incoming, outgoing), Mails, Daily News Paper cuttings  9440906936
7 P.PADMA Typist   Typing work of Estt.section 9502416665
8 MD. IQBAL JA Inward Receving, Numbering & Distribution of Tappals 7842303786
9 B. RAMA NARAYANA SINGH RA Out ward Dispatch  9550844048
10 MUJAHID Tailoring Maistry(GPTC) Record Room Maintenance of Record Room 9959584240
11 P. NARSIMHA RAO Office Subordinate General 8341235142
12 A. KODANDAPANI Office Subordinate Tappals Distribution to Sections in ZPP 8466934789
13 P.SUNIL KUMAR Office Subordinate Local Tappals Distribution 9553972902
1 ACCOUNTS Superintendent : SMT M.S.S.SARADA DEVI 9989548625
2 M.MADHU KUMAR JA B1 Monitoring of ZP General Funds, Other Accounts and Annual Accounts & Budget, Maintenance of Registers of all Grants and Training Accounts 9059003211
3 K. NAGESWARARAO SA B2 (I/C) Preparation of all kinds of pay bills of staff,   TA Bill Register, Maintenace of Treasury Bill Register, LPC and Transfer Entry Register, BRKS Wages, Telephone Bills & Electrical bills 9492109482
4 E.RAMAKRISHNA REDDY JA B3 Maintenance of Computers, Xerox Machines, Motor vehicle Repairs, Stationery, Stores and Refreshments, misc., 8886541777
5 K. NAGESWARA RAO SA B4 Grants adjustment (Seignerage, sand etc) & UCs of ZP & Mandals, HBA, ZPP and MPP Grants,  Number statement and Annual Administration Report and Maintenance of Grant appropriate Register, Mandal Annual Statements. 9951951935
6 K. SUJATHA JA B5 Medical reimbursement, Retirement Benefits of Employees i.e. Pension, FBF, GIS and Employees Health Cards, Monitoring of ZPP Educational Funds 9951951935
7 V. ROHIN KUMAR Office Subordinate General section work 9885346421
8 MD.GHANI Office Subordinate For STO Bills 9959693293
9 MD.PASHA Office Subordinate Xerox Mechine Operator 9440600687
1 PLANNING.I Superintendent : Smt B. PADMAVATHI 9703856138
2 A.VIJAYA LAXMI JA C1 Telugu Adikara Basha, Saksharabharathi.Education Section Enquires, Inspections, ZP High Schools, Visit Reports, Upgradation under Schools permission/Bifurcation of schools and Permission to Dismantling of school buildings and other issues of ZP Schools and School Properties. 9885089306
3 N. VAMSHI KRISHNA JA C2 (I/C) Works of Sand Auction, SFC, Superintends meetings/ MPDO Meetings, Annual Inspections   9010630040
4 SM.SUBANI JA C3 Citizen Charter, RTI, Audit Cell (LF, AG of MPP & ZPP), Encroachments and Disputes cases 9949393786
5 M. RATNAKAR SA C4 Works of Seniorage, TFC, ISLs, Drought, ISLs, RRM,MPLADS, ACDP, NGB, SGRY Grants 8143198751
6 CH. SAMBASIVA REDDY Typist   Planning - I and Election work 8106457579
7 P.SUBRAMANYAM Office Subordinate   9441018416
1 PLANNING.II Superintendent : Sri K. VEERABABU 9059311632
2 K. CHINRAJIVI SA P1 EMF 35%, General Funds, 15% SC, 6% ST, Drinking Water 8341364788
3 T.CHIMPAL RAJU JA P2  Maintenace of BRK, ZP Meeting Halls, ZPP Guest House, Maintenace of ZPP Quarters at Khammam and Kothagudem, Maintenace of Shopping Complexes mandal and ZPP, and MPP properties. 9440906936
5 N.KISHORE JA P4 Parishkruthi, 1077, Intercaste Marriages,  Devolution of powers (Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Agriulcute, SC & BC Corpn departments)/ NREGS. 9985661118
6 R. RAJASHEKAR  JA P5 Food Advisory Committee/DD Ground Water  correspondance, Prizes and Awards/ZP, MP, GP by CPO/DPO/DRDA and Best GPs,  Health (Arogya Sree) correspondance and 20 point prgoramme (NSS), DRDA Disabled & any Miscellanious Correspondance,  9848481948
7 SK. MEERA HUSSAIN Typist   Typing work only Plg-II Section and Election Cell 8341683689
8 V.VASU Office Subordinate   9912112045
1 GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (GPF) Superintendent : Sri T.SAKRIYA 9440291436
2 CH.VANI SRI SR.ASST D1 ZPGPF Accounts & Govt.GPF 9440261515
3 T.NARENDER RA D2 Enkoor,Julurupadu,Khammam(U),Khammam(R)and Chandrugonda MP and ZP Schools 9912289464
4 R.V.SULOCHANA JA D3 Madhira STO MP & ZP Schools 9949415320
5 GANGA BHAVANI JA D4 Kothagudem,Palvoncha and Mulakalapally MP & ZP Schools 9492959065
6 T.RAMABHARATHI JA D5 Mandals under control of STO Burgampadu & Venkatapuram STO and Tirumalayapalem MP & ZP Schools 9441250119
7 SK.JANI RA D6 Non-Teaching Staff  of ZP, All Mandals, PR Divisions & Sub Divisions and  Panchayat Secretaries 9440640099
8 CH.MANGAMMA JA D7 Konijerla,Chinthakani,Sathupally,Vemsoor& Kusumanchi MP & ZP Schools 9985811852
9 Y.SWAPNA JA D8  Thallada,Kalluru & Penubally MP & ZP Schools 9440301416
10 M.V.RAMANA JA D9 Aswaraopeta,Dammapeta,N.K.Pally & Mudigonda MP & ZP Schools and Govt.Schools 9912255047
11 Y.SRIKANTH REDDY RA D10 Tekulapally,Singareni,Kamepally,Bayyaram & Gundala MP & ZP Schools 9059447686
12 T.KOTAM RAJU JA D11 Bhadrachalam STO MP & ZP Schools and Garla,Yellendu MP & ZP Schools 9866116179
11 B. LAXMAIAH Office Subordinate   9959142279
2 Sri K.MOHANA CHARY SR.ASST   Elections (MPTC, ZPTCs and MPPs, ZPPs)General Body Meetings, Standing Committee Meetings and Appointment of Special Officers 9440173935